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Medianet Multi - Screen application (MS App) is an entertainment platform where you will be able to watch your favorite Medianet channels on the go and on any device. We also have our own content library, with exclusive and original local content to be viewed on demand.

Viewing channels on MS App is free for Medianet customers with a basic, family, or WIA package



Download and Registration:


While this application is free for download, you can try it without registering for 8 hours. MS App is available for customers nation wide. 


You can download MS App on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store



How to register & subscribe to MS / Multi-screen app: 



Just visit https://register.medianet.mv on your web browser



Choose where you live in Maldives then choose how you are going to watch it, “Phone/Tablet/Browser – MS App”



Fill in the relevant details and include a referral/promo code, if you have one.

If you use a promo code, you will automatically receive your package. In this case, skip to Step 5.



Choose the package you want and proceed to check out.

You will be redirected to the payment gateway.



Once the payment is processed, you will receive an SMS with your account details and a link to download the MS/Multi-Screen App.



Open the MS/ Multi-Screen App and enter your account number and password.


If your subscription has expired, visit https://my.medianet.mv to renew.


Now you can enjoy MS/ Multi-Screen App


For more information: https://linktr.ee/msmedianet 

To watch it on browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox): https://tve.medianet.mv




1. Live TV

Customers can watch their favourite channels live on MS App!


2. Catch Up Service

You can watch programs for up to 4 days after they air on selected channels.


3. Start Over & Rewind

If you miss the start of the live program, you can rewind it or start over on selected channels. 


4. VOD Library

You can enjoy premium VOD movies and series of all genres, including exclusive Medianet Originals like Girlfriends, Andhirikan, Giridha and more.


TVE (Television Everywhere) and MS Combo

"TVE" (Television Everywhere) is available for Medianet customers subscribed to a Basic, Family, Premium, or Want It All package. TVE customers will be able to enjoy up to 70+ popular channels depending on their Medianet package.


To enjoy our VOD Content Library, TVE customers have to subscribe to MS VOD. For TVE Customers, MS VOD is available at a discount price of MVR 49/- (Original Price: MVR 100/-). For Want-it-all customers MS VOD is available at a discount price of MVRV 29/- (Original Price: MVR 50/-) 


For new customers, you can enjoy 30+ channels and VOD by subscribing to MS Combo. MS Combo is available at a discount price of MVR 74/- (Original Price: MVR 150/-)


Multi–Screen allows customers to enjoy their subscribed channels and video on demand on their mobile devices/tablets/laptop in the comfort of their homes. Family members can enjoy different TV channels together in the same room, or in separate rooms without the hassle of installing additional set-top boxes. They can also watch it on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.

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