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Production: Medianet Original Released Year: 2023 Genre: Drama/Romance Synopsis: Hindhukolheh is a story of love and self-discovery, where Kiara, unsure about her feelings for her married boss, loses her recent memory on a work trip. Imran, hopelessly in love with her, helps her through recovery by acting as her boyfriend and fulfilling her long-held wishes, hoping she will remember her true feelings when her memory returns. The story explores how Kiara rediscovers herself and what she truly wants in life, while Imran hopes to finally win the love he has always dreamt of.


Production: Medianet Original Released Year: 2023 Genre: Thriller Synopsis: Unravel the identity of a kidnapped victim, the kidnapper, and the mastermind behind it all in Hayyaru – a gripping and suspenseful mystery. Thrilling twists, tensions and reveals await in this nail-biting tale.


Production: Medianet Original Released Year: 2022 Genre: Thriller Synopsis: An up-and-coming investigative officer, Nawal (Ahmed Ifnaz Firag) is handed a high-profile case of a missing girl, Nisha, who also happens to be the daughter of a prominent political figure, Nazima (Susan Ibrahim). The case twists and turns in every direction as Nawal tries to piece together the events leading up to the disappearance and the truth behind it. Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? What secrets are they hiding? Nawal must be vigilant in his pursuit of finding Nisha.


Production: Medianet Original Released Year: 2021 Genre: Comedy Synopsis: Three friends move to Male' in the hopes of following their lifelong dreams of working as an actor, director, and writer in the film industry. They befriend their landlord and end up embroiled in a get rich scheme as they try to shoot the movie of their dreams.


Production: Medianet Original Released Year: 2021 Genre: Drama Synopsis:The lives of three girls who are by chance living together in a small rented room in Male'. They share the 2 room apartment with a single guy who happens to be a 'lime-light'.


Production: Medianet Original Released Year: 2022 Genre: Drama Synopsis: A young girl who is in hope of reuniting with her father and the challengers she faces to get his fatherly love which was taken away from her childhood.


Production: Medianet Original Released Year: 2022 Genre: Drama, Romance Synopsis: One fine day shareef’s one and only son returns home on a study break to find his long-lost love living with his family. He wants his love back. Unknowing the fact, that she is in a state of no return.

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