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Medianet – ever present in every household and establishment in the Maldives is now the largest independent cable television provider in the country. Operating with an extensively skilled team comprising of a majority of Maldivians including in the top management team, we are known for our exceptional track record in providing Infotainment and Entertainment by challenging competitors with the most cost-effective solutions, quality service and unmatched content.

With the use of advanced industrial tools and technology, Medianet is guided by a vision to provide interactive cable TV services to each and every household throughout the nation. Our mission is to provide the latest and the most popular content available to this region using the most convenient & efficient delivery system.

Medianet aims to provide unwavering customer care, services and entertainment experience to its large clientele, offering Ultra High Definition (UHD), High Definition as well as standard definition channels.

Our goal is for our wide customer base to enjoy a rich and varied cultural life through diverse TV content, information, news, entertainment and programs that are reliable, affordable and favorable.


History and Development

Since its inception in 2005 with the merger of Maldives Cable and J-Sat Communications, Medianet has greatly matured and expanded in 16 years of its lifetime in terms of service, content, data and technology. Initially, with our cable services being only available in Male’ we worked over the years to expand to the rest of Kaafu Atoll. Ultimately, we are proud to provide the full depth and breadth of our reach to 164 islands, which is more than 90% of inhabited islands in the Maldives. In 2021 we have launched MS Digital application where you will be able to watch your favorite Medianet channels on the go and on any device. Smart TV (Android, LG, Samsung) application named "Medianet" was also launched during this year that lets you enjoy all the benefits of an interactive cable tv service without the need for a decoder/set top box (STB).



Taking into consideration the unique requirements, usage and demand in Maldives, Medianet takes pride in utilizing custom made products that are developed in-house by their very own experts and engineers. We strongly believe in supporting local SMEs and therefore, focus on collaborating with locally owned businesses from around the nation to carry out regional partnerships. As such we currently have over 100 partners in different areas of Maldives, and with that, we strive to be the most trusted, economical and efficient cable provider for all customers.

Some of our most monumental accomplishments include launching 4K services followed by being amongst one of the world’s first nations to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018 in 4K.


  • Birth of Medianet.

    With the merger of Maldives CableNet and J-sat Communications. Based in the capital city Male’, Medianet strives to provide unparalleled entertainment experience to its customer base.


  • Said HELLO! to Digital.

    Introduction of our first ever HD decoder (IPO 88)
    Facilitated World Cup 2010 in HD for the first time in Maldives.


  • Good Bye Analog!

    Service shutdown of Analog service medium to Digital service medium Customer Service support 24/7.


  • Our First Local Channel

    Launching of ICETV HD (Ch100).


  • Launch of IPO95

    Launch of our first set-top box with a dual tuner & internal HDD.


  • Villingili Tower

    Completion of our Villingili Tower.


  • Pay Anytime, Anywhere

    Launch of our QuickPay service.


  • TV On-the-Go

    Launch of Open MiTV service.
    Nationwide Coverage: Introduction of HITS service medium.


  • Digital Expansion

    Addu \ Fuvahmulak Digital service Migration.
    Launching of our M580 Set top box.
    Showcase Worldcup in UHD.


  • Multi-Screen

    Launch of Multi-Screen. An entertainment platform where you will be able to watch your favorite Medianet channels on the go and on any device.


  • Launch of MSTV

    An Android TV application that lets you enjoy all the benefits of an interactive cable tv service without the need for a decoder/set top box (STB).


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