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MS Global

MS Global - your passport to the best of Maldivian entertainment, no matter where you are in the world.


What is MS Global?

MS Global is a game-changer brought to you by Medianet, the leading provider of entertainment services in the Maldives. It's your ticket to staying connected to the heart of the Maldivian entertainment scene, even when you're oceans away. With MS Global, you can enjoy Medianet services anywhere in the world using our versatile Mslite TV application and MSD phone application.


Ms Lite: Entertainment Simplified

Mslite is an interactive TV service specially designed for Smart TVs. MS Lite only requires an internet connection to access your favorite TV channels and on-demand content.


MS Digital: Entertainment on the Go

MS Digital is Medianet's mobile application designed to bring you a seamless viewing experience on the go, anytime, and on any mobile device. Additionally, we've curated our own content library, featuring exclusive and original local content that can be viewed on demand.


Endless Entertainment

- Local Channels: Watch your favorite local channels LIVE on both your TV and mobile devices.
- Video Club (VOD): Access Video-On-Demand content right at your fingertips.

Key Features

- Catch up on the previous 4 days of programming: Never miss your favorite shows with the ability to catch up on the past four days of captivating content.

- Set reminders on favorite programs: Stay ahead of your TV schedule by setting personalized reminders for your most-loved programs.

- Rewind, Pause, and Play: Take control of your viewing experience with the flexibility to rewind, pause, and play at your convenience.

- Electronic program guide: Navigate through our program guide to discover new content.

- Videoclub (VOD) with exclusive Medianet Originals

- Requires an internet connection: Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with a simple internet connection for seamless streaming.


MS Global Packages

MS Digital Packages


Ready to Get Started?

Signing up for MS Global is a breeze. Visit register.medianet.mv and complete your registration today.


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