Watch cable TV across the nation with Medianet HITS

June 14, 2016
The cable TV provided by Medianet is now directly available across the nation. In the regions where the
service of Medianet is directly available simply subscribe for the Medianet cable TV service. In any
region or atoll or island where direct service of Medianet is not available at present, please contact your
local/regional cable TV operators to request for Medianet cable TV services.
Medianet HITS provide a total of All-Digital 68 channels including HD (High Definition) channels. Focused
with providing all the popular sports channels and live football matches in HD the Medianet HITS is now
directly available to the local/regions below.
For more please contact your local/regional cable TV operators.
• Laamu
• Baa
• Shaviyani
• Haa Alif
• Noonu
• Gaafu Alif
• Gaafu Dhaalu
• Alif Alif
• Alif Dhaalu
• Dhaalu
• Raa
Alma Rashyd, Head of Sales at Medianet, stated that “along with our dedicated business partners, we
are providing an opportunity to all the cable TV viewers throughout the nation to enjoy our service.
With the Medianet HITS service everyone can enjoy cable television at its best, despite their location.”