Premieres Wednesday, 31st July at 16:00 on Travel Channel HD (Ch814) & Travel Channel (Ch405)
From  the  biggest  cities  to  the  smallest  towns,  people everywhere share a common explosive emotional reaction when confronted  with  a  seemingly  impossible  feat  of  magic. Magicians, more than any other type of performer, have the uncanny ability to confound all normal expectations, and street magicians do it as up close and personal as possible. In ‘Magic Outlaws’, three world-class magicians travel the US performing unbelievable acts of street magic in a journey that is part classic street magic show, part travelogue and part ‘The Hangover’. The Magic Outlaws descend on a city or town in their convertible Cadillac and explore everything that makes the place great, giving a first-hand look into the people, places and things they find through the eyes of groundbreaking original street magic.