Mad Men S6 Finale

Wednesday, 31 July at 20:00 on FX HD (Ch804) & FX (Ch522)

Now in its sixth season, Mad Men is probably one of the only shows on television that remains as thoughtful and sophisticated a show since its first season.In this new ongoing season, exclusively on FX Asia, a lot of recurring themes from seasons past are revisited: death, times that are a changin’, infidelity, identity. Especially now since Vietnam looms even more heavily over the show’s landscape and harbingers of death become even more pertinent.One thing is certain: Don has gone back to his old habits, and it is possibly the beginning of Don Draper confronting himself and his old (secret) self Dick Whitman, and women are definitely taking center stage as the story unfolds. In any case Mad Men has proved itself worthy of fans’ trust when it comes to character and season developments. If Don seems to be treading old ground, if his relationship with Sylvia verges on the boring, then there must be something up Matthew Weiner’s sleeve, The show creator has recently confirmed that season 6 will be the show’s second last and the story arc starts to open a few unexpected scenarios.