Premieres Wednesday, 19 June a t 18:00 on Travel Channel HD (Ch814) & Travel Channel (Ch405)

Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach frequently say that their travels are as much about the journey as the destination. Their often
impulsive wanderings certainly serve up unique experiences that would never feature in any organised tour’s itinerary. In Russia, not too many travellers would follow up a wild night out in an exhilarating dance club by seizing the chance to drive a coldwar military tank. In Greenland, with just basic training under their belts, they head off on a three-day trek to the  bandoned ghost town of Cape Hope, where the biting weather and extreme conditions push everyone to their utmost limits. Scott and Justin prepare for perhaps their greatest adventure to date when they try to gain access to North Korea. Months of planning and meetings with middle men might just provide them with a rare glimpse inside the borders of this isolated country. Finishing their journey in Australia means this intrepid band of friends has travelled to all seven continents. Has their travel bug finally been satisfied