4 March at 12:00 on Cartoon Network (Ch201)

Set in a village called Kampung Gong Lechar, the story revolves around a group of adolescents who have great passions towards football. However, they only play it for the sake of fun. Not until the principal Mr Daud and the newly appointed coach, Mr Abdul Rahman decided to form a football team representing their school in the inter school competition. Iwan, the main protagonist who adores Zinedane Zidane so much, leads the team in its struggles to become the best in the district. Alas, his dream is against by his father, Azman who doesn’t want Iwan to suffer the same fate as him. Azman was once a national player who suffered a tragic fate that tarnished his football career. With the support of his friends, Azizul and Sabok, Iwan manage to steer aside the problems and emerges as the backbone of the team. With togetherness, the team strives to overcome challenges that come along the way in order to achieve their dreams.