Product Development Executive

Due Date : Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021 @ 17:00


  1. - Assist in the process for creating a new item
  2. - Gathers the required information necessary to build or create the product being developed
  3. - Performs research in order to determine the best way to produce a particular product.
  4. - Prepares reports on the various procedures that have been tried in order to eliminate methods that are unsuccessful.
  5. - Supports product development amongst a team of individuals
  6. - Presents new ideas to corporate executives in order to gain permission to develop product lines
  7. - Prepares a cost analysis on the development of a new product
  8. - Creates marketing campaigns designed to inform people about new product availability
  9. - Monitors that every phase of a particular project proceeds as scheduled
  10. - Makes adjustments to a development plan whenever the current idea is not working well


  1. Masters or Degree in Business Management or related field
  2. Good knowledge of business functions
  3. Excellent leadership skills and highly organised
  4. Strong communication skills
  5. Emotional intelligence
  6. Proactive nature and very reliable

Ability to:

  1. Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  2. Learn departmental operating procedures.
  3. Following SOP of the company and instructions given by the HOD
  4. Be able to work on flexible schedule who called to attend a task at any time.
  5. Should be able to work extra hours if required.

Work conditions:

  1. Be able to work on flexible schedule
  2. Should be able to work extra hours if required.


Negotiable based on experience and knowledge.


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