Sports Journalist

Due Date : Wednesday, 12 May 2021 @ 17:00


  • Overseeing sports related content for Medianet & ICE TV/ICE Sports
  • Interpret & Present Sports Events & Highlights
  • Conduct live interviews with experts & sports professionals
  • Gather, verify & analyze data from sources
  • Organize materials & write news reports
  • Produce sports shows, including live shows & highlight shows
  • Edit highlight videos for Social Media
  • Maintain, organize & publish sports/live schedules on Social Media & Internal communications
  • Maintain & Communicate weekly/Monthly sports schedules with ICE TV/ICE Sports
  • Maintain & Communicate live sports events internally & to customers via BMail & Social Media.


  • Should have Knowledge of sports, the teams that are playing, and their players.
  • The ability to quickly summarize what's happening during the game.
  • The ability to offer commentary on the game.
  • The ability to banter with your on-air colleagues.
  • Basic knowledge of how the particular form of broadcasting works
  • Ability to edit graphics/videos
  • Ability to write content
  • Diploma in Journalism or related field
  • Bachelor’s Degree is an added advantage


  • Negotiable.

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