Upgrade your MX380 and experience a whole new world of entertainment !

published : Wednesday, 19 Jan 2022

Customers who have already purchased an MX380 can now simply download the latest software update from Medianet and upgrade their decoders to access to Medianet’s own VOD Library and other exciting new features 

Experience entertainment like never before with easy access to over 4 days worth of programming on some of the most premium channels on offer.  Now you will never have to worry about missing out on your favourite programs as you can simply rewind and start over whenever you want. With a brand new interface, users are also able to discover more variety of content than before with its highlighted featured content ribbons and search functions that enable customers to find what they want tow watch, when they want to watch

Perhaps the most exciting of all these features is the access to Medianet’s own VOD Library. Populated with 1000+ hours of content across a variety of genres including Medianet’s Own Originals, MS VOD provides customers a new avenue to quench their thirst for content. 

Customers can simply select the upgrade button at the top of the menu and click download to experience MSTV on their MX380s. Should you need further instructions please click here!



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