Science v Terrorism

published : Sunday, 08 Mar 2020

Science Vs. Terrorism is premiering exclusively on Medianet’s Curiosity Stream (Ch. 827) at 20:00 this Monday, March 9 2020. Curiosity Stream is the world’s first streaming service dedicated to thought-provoking documentaries featuring science, technology, nature and history.


Don’t miss this interesting docudrama about scientists finding more efficient and accurate ways to combat international terrorism. From bioterrorism to cyber terrorism, the advent of technology and globalization has meant terrorist tactics evolving to be significantly more dangerous. To confront this, researchers too, are lead to push the boundaries of their fields to develop more advanced counter-terrorism responses.


Don’t miss this documentary, and subscribe to Family Package. If you can’t tune in at that time - with your M580 box, you can always record and watch later!


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