MSTV - How to Register

published : Wednesday, 09 Jun 2021

Here's how to register to MSTV

  1. Simply visit. https://mstv.medianet.mv/
  2. Enter Mobile No.
  3. You will recieve an OTP to your mobile phone. Type in OTP
  4. Fill in customer details.
  5. Tick to confirm Terms & Conditions & click to Submit.
  6. Customer will receive the Login & Password via Text Message.
  7. Registration will be redirected to Quick Pay for Package Selection.
  8. Our technicians will contact the customer to complete the installation.

For customers who wish to switch their service to MSTV, their existing account will be migrated. A technician will be visiting your house to connect your TV to the Medianet Fiber Network and complete the registration process. Customers will not face any streaming issues with Medianet Fiber Network and the connection process is completely free of charge.

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