MS Short Movie Challenge - Now Streaming!

published : Thursday, 05 May 2022


We put out the call and you responded!

The MS Short Movie Challenge is now streaming on MS Video Club!

Maldives' best up and coming creators submitted their movies and we've published them for you to watch!


The best 3 will be selected after May 26th by tallying up the unique views and judges scores for the movies.

3rd place will win MVR 30,000

2nd place will win MVR 50,000

And 1st place will win the grand prize of MVR 100,000!


Medianet is also excited to partner with all our participants to try and create exciting new content together going forward.


We're excited to showcase the below 9 movies and creators:

  • Himitihi - Ismail Asif
  • Nazaru - Lights Out
  • Ikhthiyaaru - Lore
  • Movie Night - Mifza Hassan
  • Haggu Niyaa - Reesha Shareef
  • The Letter - Ali Shamin
  • Hashi - Mohammed Shanoon
  • Blues - Shimma
  • Garden Therey Udhuhilaa  - Slow Tape

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