Mind Wars

published : Wednesday, 05 Feb 2020

Mind Wars is a contest that has a scoreboard shaped like the map of India. The participants get to “capture” states and union territories. Actor-producer Shreyas Talpade will test students from across schools asking them questions on topics ranging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Maharashtra to Manipur. The Om Shanti Om and Golmaal franchise actor is the face of Mind Wars, a quiz show that airs every Sunday at 9:30 am on Zee TV HD (Ch852). It is a quiz show for schoolchildren where questions are based on products, places, artistes… but all dealing with India. Kids have to capture a state or a union territory by correctly answering questions on it. The first round is called Base Camp, where contestants get to choose a state which they are most confident about. It is usually the team’s home state but sometimes the kids end up choosing some other state if they have lived there longer and know more about. The second round is Build Your Empire where contestants can start taking questions on other states. The more states you capture, especially if they are connected, the better chance you have of winning. The third round, Surgical Strike, is a buzzer round of five questions. If the contestant hit the buzzer, they have to answer. A wrong answer leads to a loss of the last state the team had captured. There are two weapons... for attack and defence. Using the defence weapon lets one change the question and take one asked by the audience. The attack option is for use when a team has failed to capture its base camp and wants to challenge the team that has captured it. The show will put the spotlight on India's rich heritage, cultural diversity, geographical expanse, the technological breakthroughs and more. Subscribe to Family+ Package to watch Mind Wars.

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