ENMENAH MEDIANET PROMOTION – Get a free connection + want-it-all for 1 month!

published : Sunday, 29 Jan 2023

ENMENAH MEDIANET PROMOTION – Get a free connection + want-it-all for 1 month!

Medianet is thrilled to kick off a special new promotion for new customers. Customers who apply for a new Medianet connection will get a free connection with a complimentary Want-it-all package for a period of one month.

This exclusive offer is available for a limited-time only, and is the perfect opportunity for customers to experience the unparalleled entertainment options available at Medianet.

As a leading provider of TV services, we are committed to delivering the best entertainment experience to our customers. We are confident that those who take advantage of this promotion will be impressed with the wide range of channels and on-demand options we have on our platform.

This offer is available to new customers only and ends on 16 February 2023

To apply for our service, visit any of our customer service centers or contact our business partners.



  1. Medianet will provide Set-Top-Box & 1 month Want-It-All package free of charge subject to continuation of Medianet service without any suspension, disconnection or termination for 6 months from the second month of service.
  2. Customer will enter into a 6-month contract to continue using the requested Medianet service. An early termination fee of MVR 999 shall become payable immediately if the requested service becomes inactive (including suspension, disconnection or termination) for any reason, within the 6-month contract period.
  3. The service rendered is for the use of a single unit and shall not be used for commercial purpose.
  4. Customer will be responsible for getting permission from the building owner for any installation work required. (Including drilling or network equipment installation, etc)
  5. Offer is available for a limited-time and is to a limited amount of eligible new customers nationwide.
  6. Agree to Medianet terms and conditions related to the service requested.
  7. Charges are applicable for any additional costs incurred for external cabling.


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