Easyjet Inside The Cockpit

published : Thursday, 16 Apr 2020

Season 1 of Easyjet Inside The Cockpit is premiering exclusively on Nat Geo People HD (Ch. 822), Friday, April 17 at 19:25.

Get exclusive access to Britain’s biggest airline – EasyJet. Narrated by Stephen Fry, this series takes you inside the cockpit to show you what a new pilot’s life is like, six miles in the air. Nervous flyers should probably not watch this show, as this documentary features 300 brand new pilots about to take control of Britain’s biggest airline for the first time. The show follows these new recruits as they train to become fully qualified pilots.

This is a good show to watch during quarantine, because you’re definitely going to be more apprehensive about travelling. Don’t miss Easyjet Inside The Cockpit, every Friday at 19:25, by subscribing to Family Package. Don’t forget – if you can’t watch it at the premiering time, with your M580 box, you can record and watch it when you want to.

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