“Hayyaru” Premiers on Videoclub!

published : Thursday, 16 Feb 2023

“Hayyaru” Premiers on Videoclub!


We’ve got some exciting news! The highly anticipated Medianet original series “Hayyaru” premiered on Videoclub today! If you are a fan of gripping and suspenseful mysteries, you wouldn’t want to miss this thrilling tale.


In “Hayyaru” you will uncover the identity of the kidnapped victim…or victims?, the kidnapper, and the mastermind behind it all. The twists and turns will shock and surprise you, leaving you engrossed in the story, always wondering what will happen next.


And the best part? The first two episodes of “Hayyaru” are free to watch on Videoclub! If you are not sure this is the show for you, why not give it a try and see if it hooks you in?


This series is surely a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of mysteries. It has got everything – suspense, drama, and cast of characters you cannot help but be invested in.


Head over to Videoclub and watch the first two episodes of “Hayyaru” for free. And if you have not joined the club yet, subscribe to Videoclub through ms.medianet.mv. You will gain access to a wide selection of entertainment content from blockbuster movies to hit TV shows. Videoclub is available on Medianet’s phone application as well as for customers who have subscribed for MSTV and MS Lite.








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