Nobrain - Live at EBS Space Gonggam

Saturday, 3 August at 16:30 on iConcerts (Ch813)

We cannot discuss Korean indie music history without mentioning Nobrain. Founded in 1996, they performed nearly 2000 times on live stages, singing hit songs as ’You are attracted to me’, ‘That is youthfulness’ and ‘Let’s party like crazy’. They have played a critical role in helping Indie music find its basis today.They visit Space Gonggam with their 6th full-length album 'High Tension' after 4 years since the release of their 5th album [That Is Youthfulness]. This 6th album distinctly displays the colorful and familiar intense sound and wit filled sense of Nobrain, and allow us to feel their once more leveled up playing skills.Performing songs from past hits along with the tunes from the new album, this performance will be an exhilarating experience, filled with aura, experience, youth and vigor that capture the 10 year Nobrain style of music. It will be a hot stage as the 4 members’ fervor shine upon the audience.