Kartik Purnima

published : Sunday, 02 Feb 2020

“Kartik Purnima” is an Indian television drama show premiering on February 03rd, Mon-Fri at 20:00 on Star Bharat HD (Ch864). It is a Cinderella story of a dusky girl- Purnima, who considers her skin color to be her mother’s blessing. She is tortured by her stepmother; step-sister, but just like any other fairy tale, her prince charming- Kartik falls in love with Purnima for who she is and he sees her beyond her color. Kartik’s mother is very color-conscious, she hates anything that is black, including people who are not fair in color. The show is a beautiful love story that traces the journey of Kartik and Purnima where Kartik falls in love with her for who she is and not what she looks like. The show will focus on Purnima and Kartik’s journey and their tryst to win over everyone against all family and societal pressures to make their love story come true. The main characters of the show are the charming and talented actor Harsh Nagar, the beautiful actress Poulami Das and Kartik’s mother will be portrayed by noted actress Kavita Ghai. The show is produced by Sanjot Kaur and Bhupinder Singh. Subscribe to Family+ Package to watch “Kartik Purnima”

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